7th SLOVENIA OPEN & WAKSC GRAND PRIX KB Lifting Competition – Grosuplje, December, 9th, 2017
WAKSC will serve for Grand Prix points and Slovenian Open Championship, so the rules are the same as all other competitions.
Kettlebells weight:
Beginners: 12kg
Advanced: 16kg
Body Weight Categories: -63kg, -68kg, -73kg, +73kg

2KB LongCycle: 

Kettlebells weight:
Beginners: 12 kg
Advanced: 16 kg

Body Weight Categories: -63kg, -68kg, -73kg, +73kg
Biathlon: (Jerk 1 point + Snatch 0,5 points)

Kettlebells weight:
Beginners: 16 kg
Advanced: 24 kg

Body weight Categories: -78kg, -85kg, -95kg, + 95 kg


Kettlebells weight:
Beginners: 16 kg
Advanced: 24 kg

Body weight Categories:  -78kg, -85kg, -95kg, + 95 kg

Slovenia Open serves as National Championship, where we will get ONE WINNER for each bodyewight class in Biathlon and LongCycle among men, and ONE WINNER for each bodyweight class in Snatch and LongCycle among women. 

Results will bring following points to the Clubs:

Beginners: (women 12 kg and men 16 kg)
1st place = 10 points
2nd place = 6 points
3rd place = 4 points
4th place = 3 points
5th place = 2 points
6th place = 1 point
Advanced: (women 16 kg, men 24 kg)
1st place = 20 points
2nd place = 12 points
3rd place = 8 points
4th place = 6 points
5th place = 4 points
6th place = 2 points

In both competitions the rule of minimum three athletes per bodyweight will be used.


– 20 eur one discipline
– 25 eur two disciplines
 Registration for this event is closed





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