Intervju z mojo najstarejšo in trenutno najboljšo atletinjo – Lene Olsen

Lene Olsen je na nedavnem svetovnem prvenstvu osvojila izjemno drugo mesto!

Ko me je najela, je rekla, da bi rada naredila 180 Snatchev, jaz pa sem ji rekel, da se pod 200 sploh ne bova pogovarjala. Bližje ko je bila tekma, bolj sem bil prepričan, da lahko naredi 220 ponovitev. 14 dni pred tekmo sem ji rekel, da lahko zmaga, ampak sva vedela, da bo za zmago potrebovala več kot 230 ponovitev. Naredila jih je 234, ampak vseeno ni bilo dovolj za prvo mesto. Več vam bo Lene povedala v spodaj prilepljenem intrvjuju:

G: Hi Lene

How are you?

Tell us more about you. Where do you come from, what is your sport background, what is your profession, are you married…

Hi Gregor, first of all, I am honoured to make this interview with you. The preparation with you for the IGSF World Championship in Milano November 2012 has been a great experience for me. Even though we had only met once before (2010 in Milano) I felt I have known you for a longer time. You are a great sportsman and most of all a wonderful person.

I come from Denmark where I live in a small city called Grenaa. Out of the 18,000 inhabitants I am the only one who practices Kettlebells as a sport. The centre, where I train, is equipped with the competition bells, but they are used by most people for fitness.

I am married and have been with my husband now almost 24 years. We have a son of almost 22 years.

I work in an institution for young criminal boys/girls. It is a facility, where they stay, day and night during custody, until their trial has been settled.

The main sport during my life has been handball, which I have played for more than 22 years.

So, how and when did you get involved into Girevoy Sport. Who introduced it to you, who was your first Coach.

My back started aching and everything stopped in 2007 when I got a discus in the lower back due to handball. I gained too many kilos, had no self-confidence and my mood was bad. Then I decided that this had to end, and there was no one but me, to do something about it. I started in the local centre doing spinning for a few months. I lost 6-7 kg and had a great time. I meet some great people and they are still my very best friends. In 2008 Kettlebells was introduced in the centre and we started using them in circle training. Then I lost 7 kg’s more. Facebook then came into my life and I almost immediately noticed Thierry Sanchez introducing more Kettlebell training. I started talking to Thierry and because of my interest in the sport, Thierry said he would like to train me for the IGSF World Championship in 2010 in Milano. When we started I had only made few snatch with 12 kg and never done a single snatch with 16 kg. So it was quite a mouthful for Thierry, but he did a fantastic job. We met a few times during the preparation period of 4 months before Milano, so I have never had a trainer beside me. All my training has been done all alone.

 Why Girevoy Sport? Isnt that more “man orientated sport”

I personally do not see GS as a man’s sport. But if you want to do it as a sport, you must be that kind of woman that loves sweat, hard training and dirty and sometimes sore hands. Luckily more and more girls are showing their interest for Kettlebells, instead of the boring machines in the centres.

Do you remember your first competition? How was it? How did you do?

Yes I do clearly remember. My first Kettlebell competition ever was the IGSF World Championship in Milano 2010. I trained 4 months and as mentioned before, when I started preparation I had never snatched 16 kg one single time before. I did 135 reps on the day and lasted 8 min. 40 seconds. Had done 162 reps at home (with video), but I did not compete until Sunday and I guess I was too nervous and tired because it was my first KB competition ever.

 Few months ago you hired me as a Coach. Why that decision? What was your goal when you decided to train with me?

Thierry Sanchez arranged the first Danish National Championship 27. October 2012 and I wanted to win that competition. As that happened only 14 days before the IGSF World Championship in Milano I decided to join both competitions. I asked Thierry if he had time to train me, but he did not because of work. I asked Thierry if he could recommend a good trainer and he suggested you to me. Oh yes I thought – sounds like a very good idea and that is why I contacted you. I have followed you and your work on Facebook, and therefore it was a great opportunity to work with one of the best in Europe

Honestly, did you like the workouts? Did you believe in the goals that I set for you? Tell us more about that.

Yes I liked the training very much until you told me, I had to run. In my 22 years with handball, I have learned, running is boring if you do not have a handball or football with you

Nevertheless I did my best and fulfilled nearly all training. It has been hard sometimes because I had to train hard and then go to job for 9 hours or even 24 hours. But each and every day I looked forward to train – also the days with gloves Some days I even wanted to train more, but you asked me to stick to the program, so you could control my progression. So I did and I must say it worked.

On IGSF World Championship you did great, 234 Snatches and got second place overall, you beat all the young lifters and “lost” only against the all time world champion Lyubov Cerepakha . I know how you felt right after the set, but can you tell us how you feel about it now, when the feelings and emotions are calm

I feel great. I really had the time of my life. It was a fantastic weekend and I do not feel I have lost the gold. I really feel like a winner, and I am grateful for letting you persuade me to take part of the senior championship instead of only the veteran competition. I feel I did my absolutely best and had never thought I could take it so far.

What is your next goal according to Girevoy Sport?

I have not decided yet Hope to be able to come to Slovenia in February to train with The Great Ivan Denisov

 Thanks Lene for the sharing that with us. I have to say that it was a pure joy to coach someone like you!

 You are living prove it is never to late to try, and with your amazing body and health you are a true inspiration to girls in my Gym, who were afraid of Lifting heavy before.

Thank you Gregor – for saying yes to me and for believing in me. Wish you, your great team and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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